SRG HEALTH LABS is a small community clinic where you can come and get your labs drawn or other services without the long wait.

Drug/Alcohol Testing

DOT and non DOT testing also alcohol testing available

Lab Test

Lab test are routinely used to track your health, diagnose Medical conditions, evaluate treatments and monitor diseases. They can help you prevent diseases by detecting it early when there's a greater chance of successful treatment. Lab testing can also provide important information about how well certain medications work for you and monitor your condition.

HIIPA Compliant

We understand what patient's right to privacy means, and we duly respect that. For this reason, we strictly comply with rules and regulations regarding patient's confidentiality. We ensure that patients' medical information is only shared with appropriate medical professionals and the results coming from our patients is strictly for them. We are dedicated to making sure all tests being carried out in the laboratory are accurate and true. Our... Learn more

Our Clinic Technicians

Our collection staff are all trained professionals with experience. Skilled and reliable, they are trusted to deliver accurate and error-free work. Every staff member goes through a rigorous recruitment process, which helps ensure that all of our employees fit our high standards of professionalism.


We accept private pay, United healthcare, Cigna and credit cards